In-Depth Assessment

Every process of recruitment and determination is different. A few associations are careful with their recruitment procedures and avoid potential risk making sure that a correct applicant is employed. Different organizations, however well meaning, put an accentuation on variables, qualities and abilities that does not surely reflect any kind of perfection in a candidate. As we are a well experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished human resource consultancy firm, we work closely in association with your firm, amid the last phases of the recruitment and selection procedure. Our team also consists of business experts (also known as business psychologists) that provide you with a guarantee of having all the targeted information on hand, which is important in hiring the most ideal individual for a particular job opening. We definitely know that the assessment process involved in recruitment can help your company save enormous amount of time and money. A purposeful evaluation post-assessment can give a reasonable forecast of an applicant's hard working attitude and personality. It also indicates the probable performing capabilities of the candidate in near future. To give you a clear and meaningful idea of how a recruitment evaluation (assessment) can improve the situation in your organization, let’s understand ‘what exactly it is, how it affects a company and what steps are included in the entire procedure:

What is Recruitment Assessment and Benefits of Recruitment Assessment

Human resource assessment includes meeting, testing and evaluating a pool of applicants in a quantifiable manner to decide if such candidates are appropriate for a particle job role. This nullifies the mandatory requirements of having the companies or hiring manager to remain exclusively depended on a candidate’s interview. Apart from this, the entire process if done in-house may be expensive and/or problematic for the both i.e. the organization and its hiring team members. Targeted, objective-specific and result-oriented hiring evaluation can help with the improvement of performance, helps with incrementing the revenue stream, helps in increasing the employee dependability standards (also known as retention rates) and enhances the inspirational factor inside a working environment. When the appraisal tests are conducted, the competitors are watched and assessed by highly experienced specialists and psychologists. The applicants are additionally interviewed before and/or after the tests, depending on requirement. Later on an assessment report is created for every applicant who appeared in the test. This assessment report is then passed on to the selection committee. The selection committee then takes a decision of selecting the appropriate individual for the concerned job opening.

Features of Our Unique In-Depth Assessment Process

To help source an ideal candidate, we at Gautam Consultancy, combine a blend of occupation examination, official evaluation, behavioral activities, informative interviewing techniques, focused appraisals and psychometric testing. There are certain recruiters who leave the client organizations without a complete investigation of an employee’s abilities, weaknesses, qualities, attitudes, skills and motivational factors. This data is highly valuable for a determination, selection and recruitment process for organizations; and likewise also benefits with the continuous advancement, succession planning, growth and development of candidates.