Resume Screening

When an effective and workable screening process is setup in place, it can definitely affect two crucial factors i.e. finding the ideal fit for your company and utilizing the talent for company’s growth. The screening process that contains quality leads to better business achievement. There are numerous recruitment agencies claiming to screen candidates in a detailed and step by step manner. In certain cases, it has been observed that few companies have a screening procedure set up with unmistakable outcomes and results, which can demonstrate their firm’s due attentiveness.

Organizations that focus on building and executing a quality screening process essentially enhance their odds of recognizing a perfect candidate; who is an ideal choice for the position, and who coordinates well with the corporate culture of an organization. The more intensive the screening procedures, better the odds of influencing a high caliber; as it helps to coordinate with both i.e. the applicant looking for work and the business. When screening is practically implemented, such as for example, in-person meetings, specialized evaluations and in-depth reference checks; it is considered as a proper utilization of time. Companies not investing quality energy in these imperative screening activities can prove to be expensive for the company in near future. Procuring the wrong individual drains authoritative profitability, team spirit, consumer loyalty and complete satisfaction in the commercial market place.

Resume screening is as yet the most tedious piece of enrollment process. The estimated time of screening the CV/Resumes is evaluated as 18 hours for just a single person. At the point when a particular job opening gets an average of 100 CV/Resumes, and when 70% to 80% of them are disqualified, it's not a big surprise that large number of recruitment consultants gets frustrated. Yet, they still try to locate the hardest piece of enlistment i.e. to screen the correct applicants from an expansive candidate pool. Prescreening process takes place before any company invests or spends its resources behind a possibly potential employee. Prescreening the unemployed applicants can bolster a more thorough enrollment process from beginning till end, and would also save time and money simultaneously.

Prescreens are commonly done by HR staff who are not engaged with the actual process of hiring, or are additionally carried out by an outsider outsourcing company that specializes in such services. The upsides of prescreening applicants are massive. Most remarkably it implies that, before an applicant has an in-person meet, the recruitment committee team members get assured, that they won't have to misspend their time examining doubtful or fake cases. All the more particularly, prescreening can successfully guarantee that potential workers have no history of crime records and helps in quashing the unfit candidates. Managers who use resume screening as a piece of their enrollment procedure are very well aware of various prescreening advantages. One of those advantages is an improvement in the caliber of candidates which eventually leads to increased quality of work, low turnover of employees, increased productivity and betterment of workers.