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At Gautam Consultancy, we work with diligence and passion for what we do – Recruitment (Connecting the Right Resource to the Right Requirement). We are much more than mere Recruiters; we are a team of go-getters who believe in sourcing the ‘Right talent’ for the ‘Right Job’. We take immense pride in our work and regularly go above and beyond the requirements and expectations of our Clients.


Gautam Consultancy  was established in 2010, and since its inception, we have concentrated most on conducting In-depth Research to thoroughly understand the Recruitment Industry. This enabled us to look beyond and understand our client’s requirements at a personal level. We only source candidates who are a ‘Great fit’ not only in terms of skill sets but also in terms of the dedication and sincerity expected by the organization. We understand our clients like no one else do, and we pride ourselves on that.

Building Door for Opportunity to Knock.

Mr. Gautam Vachheta


Mr. Vachheta, while studying in Class 6, started working at a Clothing Shop to support his family. He continued to work there for four years to gain an in-depth understanding of Sales and its nitty-gritty. In 2010 he did some soul-searching to find his area of interest (Calling) and started working as a Freelance Recruiter. He strongly believes and Lives by the motto: “Work is Worship”. During his initial research, analysis, and experience, he found that there are ‘Enough Resources’ and ‘Equal Opportunities’ in the market however the contemporary platforms were just not apt enough to match the two. So, in 2012 he started his pursuit of being the Perfect Match-Maker. He hired people who matched his vision and built a strong team of like-minded people who understood the responsibilities of delivering exceptional and on-time service to each of our clients.
2014 was “the Year” when we cracked our 1st MNC deal with Motif (now acquired by TTEC) and since then there has been no looking back.

As Mr. Vachheta says: “I think this Journey is a Never-ending Journey…”




We are glad to announce that we have also incorporated in the United Kingdom in the year 2021. We took our time and gained a thorough understanding of the UK Recruitment market, as we believe in not jumping the gun. We are here to charm UK Recruitment Industry with our exceptional pool of resources backed by the most efficient team of recruiters. We intend to make our services available globally soon and are here to make our mark.