Best Career Selection

Entry-level candidates are often unskilled, inexperienced, and have lack of confidence. This creates numerous confusions in the brains of candidates. This is a stage when the candidates need a lot of guidance and motivation while selecting the best career option from the numerous options available worldwide. The role of Gautam Consultancy is to shape the career of candidates by helping them in selecting the best option that would help them to expand their careers tremendously in a long run based on their preferences and qualities.


So, we just don’t help secure jobs; rather, we guide the candidates in shaping their careers in an effective and workable manner.

We are a team of the best recruiters who are highly skilled and experienced experts. Following is a well-researched 7-Step guide on how our Best Career Selection process works:


Step 1 : Self-assessment – We help candidates to become active participants in their own evaluation. This results in them evaluating themselves before the Employer.

Step 2 : Provide options to choose the best suited – We have ample amount of choices and want our candidates to choose something which he/she feels best suited for them.

Step 3: Dummy Interviews for the preparation– Our Faculties are well experienced and know about the questionnaire and the process of job enrollment quite well. Thus, they prepare the candidate with questions and various important subjects that can fulfill the requirement of job enrollment.

Step 4: Easy decision making– We try to make sure that their capabilities match the job role and if at all they want to get upgraded they do it in the right job role. Thus, forecasting where they want to reach and if they see the position as a growth helps the position for decision making.

Step 5: Action Plan– We provide a proper and detailed career action plan for the candidates. Further, they know step by step where they want to reach and that results in the stability of employer and employee work-life balance.

Step 6: Helping them in identifying their strength and weakness– We are humans and thus, we cannot expect that everything would be perfect and a candidate would only have strengths. We would be unable to remove the weakness, however; we can go ahead and explain the weakness so that the candidate can find options to overcome them.

Step 7: Self-motivation and solution– We make sure that the candidates know about themselves and are self-motivated towards the goal and position they are applying for. Be assured if someone is self-motivated, he/she would make changes to the style of work and reach limitless performance.

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