About Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry constitutes many sub-divisions. Majority of contribution is that of restaurants and hotels to the economic growth. The contribution of hospitality business is almost 12.8% of the world’s GDP. This industry is growing at a very rapid speed. In the most recent decades, the hospitality business has got major significance for incredible expansion and development. Due to this, the hospitality business is extending all over the world in a multicultural environment. Hospitality business is growing at all levels including provincial levels, national levels, and also internationally. The terms hospitality and tourism have a clear relation with each other and assembled together can be considered as one industry. However some people see both as two individual segments. Tourism is not the sub-sectors of each other. Tourism is simply a business for tourist related services, and thus hotels or restaurants cannot be considered as a part of tourism industry. Hotels and restaurants are completely a part of hospitality industry.

Challenges of Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry confronts three noteworthy however interconnected difficulties and challenges, out of which globalization is specifically the first. Second is the developing significance of learning being the motor of financial advancement and prosperity for nation. And finally the last one is the effects of the communicational revolution and transformation of information. These entire three have striking ramifications for various different economies and training centers. The hospitality business confronts serious human resource and labor shortage challenges. The challenges also include compressed and hugely shrinking labor force, union related issues and rapidly increasing costs related to benefits and health care. The labor force of hospitality sector is getting compressed because the conventional manpower is continuously getting reduced due to evolving socio-economic factors. Decrease in population growth rate, an increase in aging or mature population, and a very less amount of people in the working people’s age groups; are all together responsible factors behind the shortage of labor and shortage of contractual manpower.

Our Role in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality and tourism industry alone provides with over 15% job opportunities in India i.e. around to 195 million individuals. The hospitality business can be partitioned into two principle classifications. The hospitality business includes clubs, bars, eateries, lodgings, hotels, restaurants, events, contract cooking, etc. all accounts for the two third of overall hospitality businesses. Furthermore hospitality related services such as nourishment outlets, healing centers, etc. accounts for one third of total hospitality business. Full time as well as part time; both types of employment opportunities are available in this industry. Our team specializing in hospitality recruitment has an extraordinary ability and capability. We deliver exceptional human resource solutions by enrolling for occupations in hospitality industry, and we are totally committed and focused on giving an expert, innovative and personal service for all your recruitment requirements. Our organization intends to offer the most noteworthy HR Consultancy Services, which meets and surpasses the expectations of both i.e. our clients and our candidates.